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Recycling and lamb

Last evening Terry came and joined us for one of My Beloved’s South Carolina Fish Stews. It has white fish and shrimp and clams and green peppers and onion and garlic and tomatoes and some heat from Tabasco. It is simply delicious. Along with some of her French bread.

Terry brought dessert, rice pudding with raisins and dried cranberries. Very good. He also brought a Sauvignon blanc and a good red (I took the bottle to recycle this morning and cannot remember what it was).

And we finished the evening with a bottle of my Port.

We discussed taking a really big collection of wine bottles to the recycling depot in the morning (today) to collect some cash.

This morning, around ten o’clock, Terry arrived at the door and he and I bundled the bottles into the trunk of his Mercedes. At the recycle depot we discovered that, although they would take the bottles, there was no redemption in California for wine of liquor bottles. Oh, well, project accomplished, Back in Halifax, we get 5 cents for every bottle. Mind you, we pay 10 cents on top of the price at the store: we get 5 cents back at the recycle depot and the other 5 cents go to pay for the process.

Terry suggested we go and get a Bloody Mary. We drove to a favourite haunt of his, where he ordered a Bloody Mary: I asked MaryBeth, for that was the barkeep’s name, if she stocked Clamato juice. Sure, she said. Then, I’ll have a Bloody Caesar, please, I said. Clamato juice has been popular in Canada since Mott’s invented it in 1966, but it has been slow to catch on in the USA, other than in California, where the Mexican influence is large and Mexicans use Clamato juice to make Chelada. So, I am always a happy drinker when I find a bar which stocks Clamato juice.

Sitting at the bar, I had an enjoyable chat with a British couple on their way via Vegas and Palm Springs, to New Zealand. The TV screen was showing Man U vs Fulham and Man U were trouncing Fulham with the great assistance of Rooney, who scored two goals in two minutes while we sat and drank. Another round of Bloody Mary and Caesar and we came home. 

This afternoon, Harold and Helen took us to Costco, where My Beloved and I bought some great-looking lamb chops and a boneless leg of lamb at $5.99/lb. Wow! Back in Halifax, that would run at two or three times that price.

Tonight, we are off to have Thai food. I think. Unless it rains, for it is walking distance. It does not rain very often here, but there has been talk of a shower if the clouds can make it over the San Jacinto mountains.

¡Salud y buen provecho!


My Beloved (wife) since 1955 and I are retired from our own Risk Management consulting business and, with our few funds saved during our business years, we love to experiment with foods and wines, either cooking them ourselves or dining out, and travelling throughout North America or other countries. We are also greatly involved in our Anglican church and choir both here and where we have wintered for near 20 years in Palm Springs, CA, USA.

3 thoughts on “Recycling and lamb

  1. I think that I would like your life, please. Oh, and thank-you for the interesting tidbit about Mott’s Clamato Juice – 1966, I would never have thought that it had been around that long! I love it equally! ¡Alegrías! (Oh, great! Now I’ll have that Cirque du Soleil ditty stuck in my head all day!) ☺


  2. So you like Clamato juice, too, Geneviève? For what purpose, I wonder, other than Bloody Caesars, would you have for such a juice. Maybe one day will toast each other with Bloody Caesars..


  3. For no other purpose than our equally shared penchant for spicy Bloody Caesars! Yes, one day we will toast each other! Count on it!


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