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Who hasn’t any leftovers in the fridge? Particularly after Christmas and New Year and after all those visitors have left.

My Beloved and I have been eating leftovers, it seems, for ever. Not really. It just seems that way. But today’s dinner was an example of leftovers:

  • We had leftover cheese-stuffed sausages from when we had grandchildren and some parents here over New Year – 2013, that is, not 2012!
  • We had leftover mashed roasted cauliflower and sweet potato from a dinner the other evening of huge barbecued pork chops.
  • We had leftover piece of sweet Mayan Onion from a couple of onion sandwiches I had made and eaten for a couple of lunches – oh, yes, not two sandwiches for one lunch. Have you ever had my onion sandwiches? They must be made with sweet Vidalia onions or the others which are nowadays available tasting even sweeter, with a fair amount of salt, a lot of pepper a little mayo spread on both pieces of bread, and sometimes a slice of Velveta cheese. Today, I sliced a jalapeno on it, too. Tonight, however, this leftover slice of onion was chopped up and mixed in with the mashed roasted cauliflower and sweet potato.
  • I’m not sure tomatoes can be considered leftovers when they have just been sitting on the shelf since we bought them a week ago, but, if they can be considered as such, then we also had leftover fried tomato halves.
  • And we had red wine. Not left over from anything, unless you consider the fact that if there is any wine in our house, it is left over and should be consumed.

So, the sausages were barbecued, the mash was fried up and crisped on one side, the tomato halves were also fried, all eaten while the red wine was drunk.

Then we sat down and watched the new young 19-year old American lass, Sloane Stephens, beat Serena Williams to gain the semis of the Australian Open Tennis and the Brit, [Scot] Andy Murray beat the Frenchman Jeremy Chardy.

All the while sipping some leftover red wine. Until it was bedtime.


My Beloved (wife) since 1955 and I are retired from our own Risk Management consulting business and, with our few funds saved during our business years, we love to experiment with foods and wines, either cooking them ourselves or dining out, and travelling throughout North America or other countries. We are also greatly involved in our Anglican church and choir both here and where we have wintered for near 20 years in Palm Springs, CA, USA.

7 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Sounds really good, especially the mashed roasted caulifower and sweet potatoes. I’m out of left overs, having just finished the last of my red cabbage Borscht, topped with a dollop of softened cream cheese, as I had no sour cream on hand. It was great. I see a home made vegitable beef soup in my future.


    1. Mmmm! I love borscht. Topped with cream cheese, eh? That sounds good. Your comment reminds me of when we lived in Winnipeg and I would go out with an insurance adjuster friend to a little Jewish restaurant which produced the absolutely best borscht ever. Memories!

      Thanks, Tim


  2. We are having stew and dumplings for supper tonight. Do you cook your onions? Or is that a stupid question ?


    1. No question is ever stupid, Sally, and the answer is that the sweet onions we can get to put in a sandwich need no cooking at all. Just a bit of salt and a lot of pepper, with mayo spread on the bread slices.

      You can get really fancy with onion sandwiches, but my choice is plain and simple.

      Great to hear from you. New Year Greetings and love to you, Mike and Ann!


  3. Leftover Christmas Ham chez nous was the focal point in more lunches, dinners, and, yes, even breakfasts,(one in particular starring hollandaise sauce & Eggs Benedict comes to mind!), & can help me relate! Lovely to read your entertaining thoughts again, this is a grand start & bodes well for 2013!


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