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As we get older, we……

As we get older, we……

by Nuntius on October 21, 2011

Ah, we know when we get older that we cannot do the things we used to do. We do not heal as quickly. We do not eat as much. We do not drive as recklessly as we used to (did we really overtake at that speed to get around the offending car before running headfirst into the oncoming vehicle?).
AND, we do doze off in the afternoon more frequently. We do have to get up in the middle of the night more often. We do forget words more often.
BUT, this is not all bad. It is just a new experience for us, a new adventure along the roadway of our life. Just as coming to a new country when we were in our early twenties was a new adventure, or our first job, or getting married was a new adventure, so is growing old a new adventure.
Of course, aging has its difficulties, as cited above, and one really big difficulty with which we have to deal is that of having your friends die before you do. In my case, although I am 78 years young, I have only lost one friend recently. A couple of others have had health problems, but even people half our age can or could have the very same problems. However, I have known others who have had their friends die. Fortunately, I am relatively healthy and exercise almost every day. My Beloved and I get up, do 20 minutes of stretching, then 10 minutes of strength-building. We then visit our Wii board and do a few more exercises and ascertain that that wonderful dinner we had last night has not contributed to adding another half kilo to our weight.
Yes, we keep young by thinking young. We keep young by doing things we want to do, not simply sitting and letting the rest of the world go by.
So, life for us is still an adventure: what shall we do today? where shall we take the next cruise? what shall we cook for dinner tonight?
Yes, life is fun!


My Beloved (wife) since 1955 and I are retired from our own Risk Management consulting business and, with our few funds saved during our business years, we love to experiment with foods and wines, either cooking them ourselves or dining out, and travelling throughout North America or other countries. We are also greatly involved in our Anglican church and choir both here and where we have wintered for near 20 years in Palm Springs, CA, USA.

4 thoughts on “As we get older, we……

  1. Hello & Greetings from Spain, we too are in autumn but nice sunny days here along this part of the Med, I say that because other parts are having rain fall. Great to see my Bitterne friends are enjoying life to the very fullest. All best wishes to you both from San Pedro Alcantara


    1. Thanks, Stephen! I gather from Beryl’s sister, Margaret, who is in the midst of a 3-year term as Lady Captain of Atalaya Golf Club, that the summer has been perfect for golf – until she was hosting a special invitation tournament to celebrate the start of a new season a couple of weeks ago and then, on that very day, the rain came down and down and the golf was cancelled. They still had the indoor dinner, though.


  2. Hi Mel,
    Greetings from Hercules, California.
    You make life getting old sound very fun. We couldn’t wait to get there. Your block is teaching us about life in general and how to enjoy it to the best and as our health allows it. Our recent promotion to grand-parenthood has put a little different perspective in our life. I say there are more meaning to our lives since the new extension in our lives. Seeing the next generation coming into the world is truly a blessing. Thanks for your scribblings.


    1. Thanks, Susie! Always a pleasure to hear from you. And, yes, grandchildren are God’s wonderful gifts to people who have had to raise their own children.


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